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At the intersection of a classic record store and a vinyl boutique, vinyl index focuses on the quality of music on the shelves along with an educational and satisfying experience for our customers. From hand-written notes on albums to our knowledgeable staff, vinyl index is a full service record store.



From the people behind CZARFACE, Get On Down, UGHH & Good Life Boston comes a joint music venture called vinyl index. With decades of combined experience listening to, making, performing, marketing, and most importantly, loving music, vinyl index​ ​is the hub for all types of music fans to find quality tunes on vinyl. You can trust that our selection of records will not disappoint even the most discerning fan.

“Choosing albums for the store is almost like crafting a mixtape. You want to make sure you have the classics that everyone wants, but also the diamonds in the rough they don't know yet." -7L






an alphabetical list of names, subjects, etc., with references to the places where they occur, typically found at the end of a book.

an indicator, sign, or measure of something noteworthy.

In the same spirit of a library which is known to be a public facility and service that helps you research important information, vinyl index is a store that showcases quality music on vinyl for you to discover and experience.



vinyl index carries the newest releases and re-issues on vinyl, plus scours the globe for the highest grade used records from our deep connections to music aficionados. With thousands of new and used records from a wide range of genres, vinyl index features unique, deep cuts that will keep avid record collectors coming back. For those newly interested in vinyl but not sure where to start, vinyl index lends our expertise so no one has to leave empty handed.

In addition, select home and portable turntable set-ups plus essential vinyl supplies like needles, cleaning supplies, record sleeves and slip mats will get customers straight to playing records.



vinyl index provides the soundtrack to Somerville, MA’s unique 20+ vendor open-air Bow Market. From DJ events to concerts to festival showcases to artist meet-and-greets and more, our team has been entertaining music fans for years! Between our signature parties, guest vinyl curation, album listening events, artist autograph signings, subscription services and loyalty programs there will always be a reason to visit vinyl index.

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